Interaction between the natural environment and the business operations of ENEA Capital Group, especially companies of the "generation" and "distribution" segments have a bearing on the scale and nature of the Company. As such they are also included in the Company's strategy. 

Priority aspects in the environmental area of the ENEA Capital Group:

  • emissions of carbon dioxide, energy and its usage,
  • water - the scale of its usage and responsibilities associated with the minimization of potential negative impacts on water resources,
  • waste management,
  • raw materials - mainly used in the main activities of the ENEA Capital Group, i.e. for energy production
  • compliance with the laws in the area of impact on the environment and its protection.

Furthermore, internal analysis of the Company, opinions and expectations of its stakeholders identified other important issues. The first one relates to the activities and plans of the Company in the field of renewable energy sources. The second issue concerns the emission of gases other than carbon dioxide and having a significant impact on the environment.

ENEA Capital Group evaluates its impact on the environment, in accordance with Polish law. Then reports information in this field to the relevant regulators and government entities. Moreover, the Capital Group also obeys the international directives and guidelines.