About the report

Corporate Social Responsibility Report of ENEA Capital Group for 2012 is the second CSR report of the Capital Group. First, the so-called: opening report, concerned year 2011 and was published in 2012. ENEA Capital Group reports on issues related with the corporate social responsibility on annual basis.

This report covers 2012 calendar year (period from 1.01.2012 to 31.12.2012). If the report contains information about a different time period than the year 2012, it is always highlighted in its content.

This report has been prepared according to the latest international guidelines G4 GRI standard on the "Core" application-level. Due to reporting according to the new guidelines GRI G4, changes in the name and structure of the GRI indicators occurred in relation to the previous report.

The reporting process was carried out in accordance with four principles defined in the GRI-G4 standard: consideration of stakeholders, relevance, sustainability context and completeness. The report is prepared in accordance with six rules related to the content quality.

In the reporting process, the effect of which is the present report, 18 companies of the ENEA Capital Group participated: ENEA S.A., ENEA Operator, ENEA Wytwarzanie, Elektrociepłownia Białystok, Elektrownie Wodne, MEC Piła, PEC Oborniki, ENERGOBUD Leszno, BHU, ENEA Centrum, Eneos, Energomiar, Energetyka Poznańska Zakład Transportu, NZOZ Centrum Uzdrowiskowe ENERGETYK, ITSERWIS, Energo-Tour, Hotel Edison, Windfarm Polska.  The reporting process was supported by an external, educational and advisory company CSRinfo. The report was not submitted to an additional external verification.

In the reporting process external stakeholders and employees of the ENEA Capital Group were involved. Their opinions were an important part of the aspects prioritizing process that are reflected in this report.

In the reporting process analysis of the ENEA Capital Group operations was performed in terms of the key aspects from the perspective of sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Key aspects of corporate social responsibility of ENEA Capital Group were identified and then ​​their prioritization was made.

In the process of aspects identification the following were included in the first sequence:

  1. Aspects of the GRI G4 reporting standard guidelines.
  2. Results of the current analysis of the ENEA Capital Group operations carried out for the needs of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of ENEA Capital Group and the first CSR reporting process drafting. These analysis took into account the expectations and opinions of stakeholders.
  3. Aspects and issues submitted to the reporting in the previous reporting cycle.
  4. Other important issues related to the Company’s operations in the reporting of 2012.

Furthermore, the place of occurrence, impact and specificity of selected aspects in the context of the profile and the Company’s  operations and the associated challenges of sustainable development were discussed in the first place.

In the aspects prioritizing process we took into account the following criteria: the importance of aspect for stakeholders and Company’s employees, as well as the presence in the  Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of ENEA Capital Group. Aside from the aspects indicated by the GRI standard in the prioritization we took into account additional issues important from the point of view of the ENEA Capital Group's strategy and its social responsibility.

As a result of the conducted process, aspects and priority themes were selected, which were reflected in this report.  Each of them were analysed from the, so called, aspect boundaries point of view, i.e. evaluation whether the impact of an aspect refers to the inside of the company, or the effect of this aspect is significant also outside, in the social, business and environmental surrounding of the ENEA Capital Group.

List of key reporting aspects of ENEA Capital Group

Key aspect or subject Impact of an aspect within the organization  Impact of an aspect outside the organization 
Environmental area  
Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the context of energy generation and distribution V Especially on the “generation segment” companies V
Energy consumption and energy saving solutions V V Especially on the Clients
Raw materials  V V Especially on the suppliers and natural environment 
Caring for water resources  V V
Renewable Energy Sources (RES) V Especially on the suppliers, Clients and natural environment
Effluents and waste  V V
Compliance - compliance with regulations  V V
Social area: employment and decent work   
Employment - scale and conditions of employment V V
Employees health and safety V V
Training and education of employees V V Especially on the Clients
Social area: impact on community    
Anti-corruption policies and procedures V V Especially on the suppliers and Clients
Impact on local communities and co-operation with them  V V Especially on local communities of the companies operating area 
 Social indicators: product liability  
Client privacy and personal data protection  V Especially on the “trading” and “distribution” segment companies V Especially on the Clients
Quality of Client service V Especially on the “trading” and “distribution” segment companies V Especially on the Clients
Communication channels with customers V V Especially on the Clients
Product and Service Labelling, communication of their properties V V Especially on the Clients
Compliance - compliance with regulations and rules V V Especially on the Clients and competition  

Any feedback on this report and its content is significant to us. We invite you to contact in this regard:

Joanna Maderska
Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility at ENEA S.A.

Tel.: 48/61 884 54 35

maderska-joanna.jpg"We would like to thank all those people who contributed to the preparation of the second ENEA Capital Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2012. The report would not be prepared if it were not for a great effort and involvement of many people, both all those employees of ENEA Capital Group companies who had patiently responded to important questions in the data elaborated for the report, and of our social partners who delivered statements for the report or people whose opinions helped in the content choice for the report. We would like to thank once again all those people for their cooperation and understanding."