Companies of ENEA Capital Group deliver its services to more than 2.4 million customers. In accordance with Corporate Strategy of ENEA Capital Group for the period 2010 - 2015 with a perspective to 2020, the Capital Group priorities include activities aimed to improve quality of Client service and efficiency of provided services. 

Trading, generation and distribution of electricity is the core business of ENEA Capital Group. Companies which constitute to the Capital Group are also involved in the supply of services in the field of power engineering, Client service and related, supporting activities. 

ENEA S.A. is engaged in wholesale trading and sale of electricity to retail and institutional clients. The Company has sales offices in Bydgoszcz, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poznań, Szczecin and Zielona Góra. ENEA S.A. also sells electricity to Customers connected to the network of other operators than ENEA Operator. The Company sold to such customers about 3.1 TWh of energy in 2012. ENEA Centrum Company is responsible for individual Client service in the name and on behalf of ENEA S.A. 

2.1 million individual Clients
0.3 million institutional
Clients (including companies, governments)

ENEA Operator delivers electricity to more than 2.4 million Customers in western and north-western Poland. The Company operates on the area of ​​58 213 km², in six voivodeships: wielkopolska, zachodnio-pomorskie, lubuskie, kujawsko-pomorskie and in a smaller extent dolnośląskie and pomorskie.

ENEA Operator Program of Compliance

As the ENEA Operator is the independent distribution system operator it needs to fulfil special responsibilities. Therefore, in accordance with Article 9d paragraph 4 of the Energy Law, we have developed and applied the Program of Compliance.

The objective of adopted by us Program of Compliance is to ensure equal and non-discriminatory treatment of the current and potential users of the distribution system. The Program of Compliance is valid from 30.06.2011. It was adopted by the resolution of ENEA Operator Management Board dated 21.03.2011, and then approved by the President of ERO with decision No. DPK-7124-9 (5) 2011/MiKo as at 30.03.2011.

Areas in which ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o. guarantees equal treatment and non-discrimination:

  • connection to the distribution network,
  • provision of distribution services and change of the services provider,
  • complaints handling,
  • elimination of disruptions and failure,
  • provision of measurement data used for settlements, balancing, and settlement of the system users imbalance,
  • protection of sensitive information,
  • provision of information to current and potential system users.

Full text of the program is available at

ENEA Capital Group did not record any significant penalties resulting from non-compliance in 2012.