Activities carried out in ENEA Capital Group for the community sake are managed on the basis of a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of ENEA Capital Group, implemented in 2011. It is supplemented by the ENEA Capital Group Policy of Social Engagement. Both documents specify two development directions of social commitment activities: Environment and Community. Companies of ENEA Capital Group can support various community initiatives if they are in accordance with those directions.

"Environment" direction - includes all activities promoting environmental protection. ENEA Capital Group companies operate for the sake of environment through own educational projects directed to stakeholders such as "In contact with nature" and by supporting projects carried out by social partners, such as "Clothes in motion" by Anna Dymna "After all" Foundation.

In accordance with the ENEA Capital Group Policy of Social Engagement companies have an opportunity to support ecological activities through financial or in kind donations, provision of services free of charge, as well as provision of logistic or factual support.

“Community” direction - includes initiatives aimed at supporting development of local communities, where ENEA Capital Group companies operate. Companies accomplish their own projects and co-operate with social partners-associations, schools, universities, orphanages, social centres, hospitals and other institutions for the public good. ENEA Capital Group supports projects and activities aimed at local development, safety improvement, health and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  

Potential partners and beneficiaries have an opportunity to apply for support of community initiatives, among others, by filling in the application form placed on the ENEA S.A. website. According to the Rules for granting donations by the ENEA S.A. Management Board the following issues are taken into account during the evaluation of applications: experience of the submitting organization in the accomplishment of social projects, statutory objectives, level of initiative cohesion with the directions of social engagement of ENEA Capital Group, number of direct beneficiaries and benefits the project shall bring to the involved parties.

Information on the rules for granting donations are available in the CSR section on the ENEA S.A. website. The total amount of donations made by the reporting companies of ENEA Capital Group amounted to PLN 1 239 720.74 in 2012.