Co-operation with local authorities

One of the main objectives of the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of ENEA Capital Group is to develop a dialogue with stakeholders, including local communities, and taking into account their voice in the business operations. Long-term and based on mutual trust relationships with the citizens of areas where the companies of the Capital Group operate are built through the activities for the sake of local communities. 

Development of local communities is also affected by long-term investments made by individual companies. For example ENEA Wytwarzanie has begun construction of a new power block no. 11 with a capacity of 1075 MW in 2012. It is the largest energy investment in Poland crucial for the country's energy security. Its construction will take approximately five years and shall increase the power capacity by as much as 30%. Construction of the new unit is an opportunity for economic development of the region. Nearly 2,500 people will work during the construction and nearly 300 shall be employed permanently.

Co-operation n with the Foundation for Talents Development

The Foundation for Talents Development supported by ENEA S.A. organized workshop to develop social skills directed to high school students, entitled :"The future is in your hands."

500 hundred students from Mosina district, Secondary School in Tarnów Podgórny and International School of Poznań took part in individual and group classes. Young people learnt, among others, methods of work organization and communication techniques. 

fundacja-rozwoju-talentow_thumb_0.jpgThese same students participated in the second part of workshops in September during which their individual predispositions were diagnosed. Secondary school students got to know methods supporting learning process and the most important factors influencing the choice of their future education.


anna_korzeniewska.pngPurpose of the "Future is in your hands" Program is a diagnosis of predispositions and development of pupils. When knowing their 'talents' students make better, more conscious education decisions, and through workshops develop skills needed in the labour market.  Involvement of such companies like ENEA S.A. in social programs enable us to provide students with the knowledge and skills which are necessary in adult life, both personal and professional.

                                                Anna Korzeniewska - Founder of the Foundation for Talents Development 

"Five senses. PAUSE" Program

ENEA S.A. is involved in activities to counteract social exclusion due to disability. The Company has supported educational and cultural project "Five senses. PAUSE" in September 2012. It was organized by the Educational Association MCA and More Than One Production agency. The aim of the project was to activate the environment of the deaf and hearing impaired to actively participate in cultural life.

do_wyboru_thumb.jpgThe program consisted of theoretical and practical music workshops led by musicians, musicologists and specialists in sign language. Workshops were held, among others, by Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio conducted by Agnieszka Duczmal. During workshops deaf people prepared a song that will be presented on 14 November 2012, during the final concert.

pawe_gogolek.png"Five senses. Pause" allowed deaf people to participate in educational and cultural events, to which they did not have access previously. Its uniqueness is to provide our participants with certain areas of cultural life, which had previously been entirely excluded. The project was a trip into the unknown for the deaf and its effect was to arise interest in music and organise similar events not only in Poznań, but nationwide.

Paweł Gogołek , More Than One Production 

Anna Dymna "After all" Foundation.

mimo-wszystko1_thumb.jpg mimo-wszystko2_thumb.jpg


The Supervisory Board of ENEA S.A. adopted a resolution on establishing long-term cooperation with the Anna Dymna "After all" Foundation. The Company submitted within the project "Our energy in the Valley of the Sun" financial support for the implementation of the statutory activities of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Therapy "Valley of the Sun" in Radwanowice, caring for people with intellectual disabilities.

ENEA S.A. was also one of the main sponsors of the Marek Grechuta Enchanted Song Festival organized by the Foundation in 2012. The Company has funded two major awards for vocally talented, disabled persons. The winners received their prizes from ENEA S.A. brand ambassador - Actor Michał Żebrowski. 

michal_serwinski.pngEvery day we are helping adults with intellectual disabilities who are not able to ask for support themselves. Problems of their daily lives and they themselves are often pushed to the margins of society. We are encouraged that ENEA S.A. decided to help them. ENEA S.A. has supported us in our activities related to overcoming barriers and stereotypes. The Company has decided to join the Foundation's three projects through the involvement of its employees and financial support. Our charges were given specific and material assistance. We are aware that this was possible only thanks to the sensitivity of the Management Board of the Company, professionalism and exceptional commitment of its employees. 

Michael Serwiński, Head of Fund raising Anna Dymna "After all" Foundation.   

Cooperation with the public sector and universities

In order to support local development and promote innovation, companies belonging to the Capital Group cooperate with local governments and universities. Energomiar company presented in 2012 reports addressed to local authorities on the quality and cost-effective operation of street lighting for rational spending budgets of cities and districts. 

ENEA Operator in cooperation with the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering of Poznań University of Technology organized in the academic year 2011/2012, a postgraduate program for the employees of the company and the local government. Studies related to local energy planning and energy management at local government units. The program included, among others, subject of sustainable development, including methods of reduction of energy consumption in the areas administered by local authorities. Studies at the beginning of 2012 have been began by 38 persons. 

In February 2012, ENEA Wytwarzanie and authorities of the Wroclaw University of Technology signed a letter of intent initiating a long-term scientific cooperation. Employment of trained specialists is essential for the development of the Company. Students will have the opportunity to gain work experience during placement in Kozienice power plant. Previously, the Company entered into a similar collaboration with the Warsaw University of Technology. 

ENEA Capital Group companies also conduct activities to improve safety. For example, ENEA Wytwarzanie supported statutory activities of the Volunteer Fire Department in Stanisławice financing the purchase of equipment of watchtower in 2012. It also donated funds for statutory activities of Association of Voluntary Fire Brigades in Kozienice. 

Cooperation with cultural institutions

royal-gardens_thumb_0.jpgENEA S.A. continues activities related with restoring the splendour of the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw through the "Proud of Heritage" program. The Company wishing to express its commitment in the Polish culture and its place in the minds of people all over the world, became the patron of the famous palace complex in 2011. Until the end of 2013 the electrical system will be replaced. Furthermore, works under the effective lighting of buildings shall be completed. Eneos company is responsible for the completion of all above mentioned works. 

As a result of the on-going works, among others, Belvedere Pond, Myśliwiecki Palace, and the Temple of Diana were illuminated in June 2012. Furthermore, works under the illumination of the Palace on the Island were completed. All works are supervised by the preservation officer. 

Elektrociepłownia Białystok was one of the ENEA Capital Group companies that conducted activities aimed at supporting culture. The Company gave financial donations to the  Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, to the "Music of the Orthodox Church" Foundation in Hajnówka to support XXXI International Festival of Orthodox Music "Hajnówka 2012" and for the development of Bialystok Fine Arts Society.   

New forms of communication with local stakeholders
Reporting in accordance with the GRI standard

Both: sustainability report for the year 2011 and this report for the year 2012 have been prepared on the basis of friendly to stakeholders, international reporting standard, the Global Reporting Initative (GRI). Data in reports are presented in such a way to allow stakeholders learn on the full picture of the Capital Group operations, including those for the environment and local communities.  

ENEA Wytwarzanie in a local TV 

A thirty minute program about ENEA Wytwarzanie, its current affairs, accomplishment investments and employees activities were broadcast in the “Kozienice Chronicle” on a local cable channel in Kozienice. "ELKO News" was broadcast on the last weekend of the month from December 2011 to December 2012. The program was a response to the interest of employees and local community with events taking place in the power plant.  

Integration Foundation Certificate

certyfikat_portal_przyjazny_thumb.jpgENEA S.A. adapted its website to the requirements of users with disabilities in December 2012. For this action the Company was the first one in Poland to receive the Integration Foundation Certificate "Website disabled friendly to people with disabilities."