Employee volunteering

General outline of rules for supporting employee volunteering integral with the ENEA Capital Group Policy of Social Engagement were adopted in 2011. 

Employees who wish to personally involve in social activities may report to the designated volunteer coordinators. Volunteers operate in accordance with the Volunteer Ethics Code available for download on the ENEA S.A. website in the section Employee Volunteering of ENEA Capital Group

Volunteer activities focused in 2012 on the main educational programs: "Electricity is not so terrible" and "First Aid - premedical rescue". 

Effectiveness of the Employee Volunteer Program of ENEA Capital Group and the scale of impact on local communities are measured on the basis of the beneficiaries number, volunteers carrying out projects, hours devoted to volunteering and assisted institutions. 

253 employees involved in volunteering
increase of employees involved in volunteering compared to 2011
1 444
total number of hours spent on voluntary actions
26 085
number of beneficiaries who received support   

13-pdf_laureat_thumb.jpgVoluntary activities of the Capital Group are valued in competitions. ENEA Capital Group has been awarded 100 Percent Employee Volunteering Awards, organized by the Volunteer Centre in December 2012. The prize was granted in the debut category. The jury appreciated the comprehensive approach to the management of the program in the Capital Group, which merges employee volunteer activities carried out within the dispersed units. 

ENEA Operator received a special award during the 15 edition of the National Competition for the title Benefactor of the Year, for the "First Aid – premedical rescue". Furthermore, ENEA S.A. received Friend of the Benefactor of the Year Competition title. 

Employee volunteering in ENEA Capital Group

2011 2012 Change % y/y In total from
the beginning of
Employee Volunteering
Number of active volunteers 171 253 48% 253
Number of beneficiaries 14 141 26 085 84% 40 226
Number of beneficiaries “Electricity
is not so terrible”
7 345 11 264 53% 18 609
Number of beneficiaries First Aid… 5 293 10 204 93% 15 497
Number of schools and kindergartens  127 295 117% 422

4a_thumb.jpgIn accordance with the ENEA Capital Group Policy of Social Engagement, all initiatives undertaken by the companies should engage stakeholders and contribute to a positive change in communities in which they operate. These assumptions are achievable through the implementation of original projects, involving employee volunteers and the cooperation with NGOs. 

  • Volunteers teach that "Electricity is not so terrible" 1176_thumb.jpg

How to safely handle electricity? How to save energy? Elementary school pupils learn the answers to these and other questions related with the safe and rational use of electricity during special classes conducted by ENEA volunteers. The program has been developed in collaboration with teachers, educationalists and received the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Wielkopolska School Superintendent, Wielkopolska Province Governor and the Mayor of Poznań. 11 264 students benefited from the program in 2012.   

  • Knowledge that saves lives 

Young people during the classes "First Aid - premedical rescue" learn about how important and necessary is knowledge of first aid. Classes are held by trained volunteers – rescuers from ENEA Operator. Instructors teach young people what to do when they witness an accident and how to help a victim while waiting for an ambulance. 10 204 students participated in classes in 2012.