ENEA Capital Group

ENEA Capital Group is the third largest energy group in Poland which plays one of the key roles in the development of the national economy. It’s operations are based on electricity trading, generation and distribution. The leading idea behind ENEA Capital Group operations is paying attention to providing Customers with the highest quality of service, providing employees with secure employment and decent work, building trusting relationships with shareholders and development, while respecting the natural environment.

3.177.698 MW –total generation capacity of ENEA Capital Group

16.0 TWh - total sales within energy trading

14.9 TWh- sales to retail customers

2.1 mln – number of individual clients

00.3 mln – number of institutional clients

10096032 thsd PLN –total net sales revenues

20% of the country covers ENEA Operator network

109 thsd km of power lines which belong to ENEA Operator distribution network

ENEA Capital Group consisted of 24 companies in 2012 of with ENEA S.A. with registered office in Poznań is a company managing the entire Capital Group.

ENEA S.A. is engaged in wholesale trading and sale of electricity to end users. It has sales offices in Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Bydgoszcz, Zielona Góra. Office which supports ENEA S.A. Management Board Office in Poznań is located in Warsaw. The Capital Group is mainly connected with the region of north-western Poland, although companies are located all over the country including, among others, Świerże Górne (Kozienice district), Białystok or Warsaw.

ENEA Operator Company, an independent distribution network operator is responsible for the distribution of electricity. The distribution network of the Company covers 20% of the country (area 58 213 km²) and reaches more than 2.42 million customers. The Company operates in the following voivodeships: wielkopolskie, zachodnio-pomorskie, lubuskie, kujawsko-pomorskie and part of dolnośląskie and pomorskie. ENEA Operator distribution branches are located in Poznań, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Szczecin and Zielona Góra. These branches are engaged, among others, in expansion, modernization and maintenance of the distribution network and are responsible for the distribution network traffic. ENEA Operator Distribution Network has 109 thousand kilometres of power lines (over 127 thousand including connections) and 35 thousand of power stations.

The companies of ENEA Capital Group employ over 10 000 people.


Shareholding structure of ENEA Capital Group

shareholding structure

StateTreasury 51,50%
Vattenfall AB 18,67%
Other 29,82%

ENEA S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Company is part of, among others, such indexes like: mWIG40, WIG-ENERGIA and WIG-30 which has been launched in 2013.

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