Client satisfaction surveys

Client satisfaction surveys are one of the important channels of communication with the Client. In 2012 Client satisfaction surveys were carried out by such companies like: ENEA S.A., ENEA Centrum, Eneos, Elektrociepłownia Bialystok, ITSERWIS, NZOZ Centrum Uzdrowiskowe ENERGETYK, Energormiar, EP Zakład Transportu, BHU. Also ENERGOBUD Leszno analysed Customer evaluation of service quality and satisfaction with the sales and after-sales service. Average Clients evaluation of this company was “good”. 

In the Client satisfaction surveys ENEA S.A. compared how the analysed indicators translate into Clients satisfaction and Clients of competitive companies. The Client satisfaction level was examined, among others, in the areas of an account manager, operations and employees of Client Service Offices (CSO) and Sales Offices, functioning of a Call Centre, website, complaint procedures and billing, price-performance ratio, the quality of services and products, brand perception. 

Survey results indicate a high level of ENEA S.A. Client satisfaction. It is accompanied by positive feedback from Customers about the brand - both among business and individual Clients. The Client satisfaction is built, beyond the rational factors of product and price, by Customer orientation and brand image. 

The scope of Client service quality standards by ENEA Operator.

ENEA Operator is required to:

  • accept, twenty-four hours, notifications and complaints about the provision of electricity,
  • promptly remove all distortions in the supply of electricity,
  • provide, at the client request, information about the expected date of delivery of electricity supply interrupted due to the network failure,
  • notify customers - at least five days in advance - on the dates and duration of planned interruptions in the supply of electricity in the form of newspaper advertisements, radio announcements or other customary means (for example, advertisements in buildings),
  • provide, free of charge, information on the settlement rules and introduced tariffs,
  • examine customer requests or complaints regarding billing and to give answer not later than 14 days from the date of the request or complaint, unless the contract specifies another date, with the exception of matters concerning the control of technical parameters which the Company is required to conduct at the request of the recipient,
  • give a discount upon examination of the request and the recognition of its legitimacy in the amount specified in the tariff.