Communication with Clients

ENEA Capital Group companies offer to their Customers a variety of communication forms appropriate to possibilities and Clients’ needs. 

Main communication channels used by the ENEA Capital Group's Clients:

  • Means of online contact, i.e. companies websites, online contact forms, email, online Client service OCS.
  • Direct contact through the Client Service Office CSO (including CSO ENEA Operator, ENEA S.A., BHU S.A.), points of sale and sales offices (ITSERWIS)
  • Direct contact through seminars, trade fairs, trainings and conferences organized by companies (e.g. Eneos) or other entities.
  • Contact by phone, traditional mail and leaflets, brochures and printed materials. 

Contact with the Customer in selected companies of the ENEA Capital Group

Company Main communication channels with the Customer
ENEA  S.A. Client Service, Sales Offices, call center, website, advertisements and announcements in local newspapers, business Clients specialists, satisfaction surveys of  business and individual Customers. 
ENEA Operator Online Client Service OCS, Call Center, website and contact forms on the website, email, newsletter, direct contact by means of Client Service Office (CSO).
Elektrociepłownia Białystok  Traditional post, e-mail, phone, a survey of customer satisfaction survey, meetings with key Customers during the periodic meetings of dispatcher and maintenance services. Cooperation with key Customers is assessed periodically during meetings of dispatcher and maintenance services.
Elektrownie Wodne  Contact by phone, traditional post and e-mail, corporate intranet, direct meetings.
MEC Piła
Website, Client Service Office, surveys during direct meetings
BHU Client Service Offices in the Company’s branches, website, online shop:, Original Quality Management System with the procedure of Client satisfaction measurement. 
Eneos Organization of trade fairs and conferences, websites: and, traditional post, e-mail, direct meetings with Clients, Eneos participation in conferences, trade shows, seminars, media (press, radio, TV), Client satisfaction surveys, telemarketing.
EP Zakład Transportu  Client Service Office CSO, website, email, client satisfaction survey.
Energomiar Website, Client satisfaction survey, sales department - direct contact with sales specialists. 
ENERGOBUD Leszno  Website, email, Client satisfaction surveys, trainings and conferences.
ITSERWIS  Website, eleven Points of Sale, two Trade Offices, e-mail, phone, direct contact, trainings and business conferences for key Clients.
Energo-Tour  Website, email, advertisements in press.
Hotel Edison Website, direct contact.
NZOZ Centrum Uzdrowiskowe ENERGETYK  Website, Client satisfaction surveys, direct contact with the Customer.

"More Light" Fairs 2012 

The Eneos Company organized in Międzyzdroje on 10 - 11 of May fairs at which representatives of governments, including the Company's Customers were able to learn how to illuminate the district in a modern and efficient way. It is one of the key initiatives of the market and Clients education in the field of efficient lighting modernization led by Eneos. 

Also ENEA S.A., ENEA Operator and Energomiar participated in the “More Light” fairs . The event was attended by lighting manufacturers, a large group of representatives from local governments and energy companies. Fairs allowed for presentation of innovative solutions related to the lighting of roads and public spaces. The event was also accompanied with a series of presentations, allowing to expand knowledge of fair’s participants about technical and formal - legal issues on lighting.