ENEA Capital Group is operating on the basis of the Polish and EU regulations on emissions. The main regulations include, among others:

  • Directive 2003/87/EC of 13 October 2003 establishing a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowances,
  • Commission Decision 2004/156/EC of 29 January 2005 establishing guidelines regarding the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Act of 28.04.2011 on the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading scheme (Journal of Laws No. 122, item. 695).  

Emissions of carbon dioxide 

In accordance with applicable legal requirements, monitoring of carbon emissions is carried out in four entities:

  1. Elektrociepłownia Białystok,
  2. ENEA Wytwarzanie,
  3. PEC Oborniki,
  4. MEC Piła.  

Emission of carbon dioxide in the companies from “generation” segment" [Mg] 

Company 2011 2012
ENEA Wytwarzanie 10 299 069,00 9 925 556,00 (without biomass)
Elektrociepłownia Białystok 485 047,00 331 614,00 (without biomass)
PEC Oborniki 12 420,79 14 859,90
MEC Piła 86 081,00 82 149,33

Emission rate of carbon dioxide in ENEA Wytwarzanie [kg/MWh] in 2010-2012

2010 2011 2012
880 866 839

Emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrogen

The priorities of the "generation" segment companies, using conventional methods of energy production, is also minimization of the emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides. This is due to the need to adapt to the new, more stringent requirements associated with the introduction of industrial Emissions Directive (IED) in 2016.

Emission of sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the companies from “generation” segment" [Mg]   

Company  2011 2012
ENEA Wytwarzanie  31 279.00 20 375.00 32 488.00 18 203.00
Elektrociepłownia Białystok  1 353.42 1 389.42 801.00 939.00 
PEC Oborniki 65.30 26.94 61.80 29.70
MEC Piła 161.00 73.00 160.43 74.73
ENEA Wytwarzanie activities to reduce emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides: 
  • construction of flue gas denitrification system (FGD)
  • modernization of pulverized coal burners
  • modernization of the electrostatic precipitators of unit 3
  • investment in retrofitting refrigerating units in air conditioning systems from refrigerating factor R22 to MO59-21. Thanks to the retrofitting, ENEA Wytwarzanie reduces the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer.  

The Company's plans related with the expected industrial Emissions Directive (IED), concerns building the fourth desulphurization system and buildings for catalytic denitrification installation in all power units.