ENEA Capital Group companies monitor their energy consumption to be more energy efficient. Modernizations and investments in networks operated by ENEA Operator are the major investments in energy efficiency. Value of investment expenditure incurred by ENEA Operator amounted to PLN 895.67 million in 2012. 

Total electricity consumption (MWh)   

Company  2011 2012
ENEA S.A. 1.392.280 1.058.000
ENEA Operator 34.521.324 1599203.000*
Elektrociepłownia Białystok 75.632.265 65.313.000
Elektrownie Wodne 1.811.900 2067.900**
ENEA Wytwarzanie 894.047.038 922.984.671
MEC Piła 3.341.400 3.905.000
PEC Oborniki  783.203 766.750
Windfarm Polska - 7.601.988
BHU 541.32*** 683.579***
EP Zakład Transportu 80.511 46.560
Energomiar 244.800 260.200
ENERGOBUD Leszno 780.000 740.000***
NZOZ Centrum Uzdrowiskowe ENERGETYK 490.000 483.964
ITSERWIS 0.360 0.395
Energo-Tour 422.694 450.780
Eneos 190,849 177.073
ENEA Centrum 19.130 no data****
Hotel Edison 72.000 72.000
* 1 558 967 MWh are Company’s network losses and 40 236 MWh is used for the Company’s own needs. ** No data for Gorzów Wielkopolski branch. *** Incomplete data. A part of the Company facilities does not receive a detailed energy consumption data from the administrator of rented facilities, and electricity costs are included in the rent as a flat rate. **** Settlement on the basis of administrative agreements with ENEA Operator and ENEA S.A.
Examples of activities that enable Customers ENEA Capital Group save energy

Eneos: Improvement of the quality and efficiency of street lighting in municipalities: Oborniki Wielkopolskie, Dębno, Opalenica, Słońsk, Goleniów, Kozielice, Ośno Lubuskie, Sulęcin, Gryfice. Modernization of street lighting in Szczecin and Poznań. Photovoltaic installation on the roof of Eneos Szczecin Branch.
Energomiar: Investment in the Integrated Management System-Helios Road Lighting project as a IT platform for intelligent and complex management of roads, streets, cities and municipalities lighting.