Letter from the CEO

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to announce the content of Corporate Social Responsibility Report of ENEA Capital Group for 2012. By means of the Report we wish to provide you with comprehensive information illustrating the scale and nature of our actions.

We are one of the largest companies in the energy sector in Poland. We deliver our services to approximately 2.4 million customers and employ over 10 000 people. Therefore, both: our current operations and long-term plans for the future are inextricably related with a sense of responsibility for the life quality of a wide range of our stakeholders. Any decision of a strategic nature requires us to analyze it in terms of its economic, environmental and social effects.

As such we decided to become a signatory of the international Global Compact initiative and stress in this way, our understanding of the challenges of sustainable development, which is related with our business.

Year 2012 was an important step in the ambitious development plans of the ENEA Capital Group. We obtained funding which enables the implementation of investment projects in the field of generation and distribution. Our plans provide for a substantial increase in generation capacity from conventional and renewable sources. We continue to invest in the development of the distribution network, in order to meet Customer demand for power and electricity, and to create conditions for connecting new entities to the network. In the past year, we conducted a series of investments  securing from the  energy side the most important sporting event: EURO 2012. However, the most important event in terms of the ENEA Capital Group was the launch of construction of the new power unit  of 1075 MW at ENEA Wytwarzanie. By obtaining financing we gave even greater impulse to implement the planned activities in the generation including RES, and distribution areas.

One of the key objectives for the coming years is continuation of the production capacity increase. Aside from the construction of the new power block we also expand our capacity based on renewable energy sources, as exemplified by the success of a wind farm acquisition transaction with a capacity of 50 MW in Bardy (zachodniopomorskie province). We are part of an alliance of companies with regard to the shale gas output. In 2012, we also signed a letter of intent to take actions to establish the principles of co-operation with our partners in the construction of the first Polish nuclear power plant.

We consistently strive to maximize our efficiency by acting as an integrated energy group strongly focused on the client. We took significant actions in this area in 2012 and earlier, as we communicated, among others, in the CSR report published by us last year. We entered into an important phase of Generation Integration Project in 2012. Furthermore,  intensive works in the field of strategic changes for the quality of Customer service were taking place.

By handing over this report I’m pleased to announce that we significantly strengthen these both directions of activities thanks to the new business strategy of the ENEA Capital Group that has  been adopted in 2013. I believe that ENEA Capital Group will become a fully integrated energy group, which reacts flexibly to market needs and effectively manages its resources. The planned investments for 2014-2020 are to take PLN 20 billion.

I encourage you to learn about our economic, social and environmental results in 2012, as well as the selected activities for 2013.

Krzysztof Zamasz